Altar is a ceramic tea set that celebrates the different type of loneliness - solitude. A thoughtful and peaceful solitude by the cup of tea. A meditation, auto-reflection that goes deep into one’s own self. An escape from the omnipresence of online social media and overwhelming day-to-day flow of information. 

First, as part of the "Superhero" project at School of Form, it later developed into a whole new philosophy. From analyzing my ideal hero, to passing its qualities onto porcelain and wood. 

Inner strength and harmony in rounded bottoms, stubbornness and resistant optimism in wooden bases. Thus, a humanistic research determined the form, much of inspiration coming from Japanese culture. 


Altar is  a tea set that invites one for a moment of contemplation to find the strength on the bottom of a cup, or teapot.


 © Zhyldyz Kozhoiarova 2019

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