Disengagement Cocoon

Space has a great effect on human body. It has an impact on us we do not consciously realize. Spaces can make us feel powerful or small and insignificant. In the midst of a forest, at the church with enormously high ceiling, trapped in the crowded elevator or strolling down the long corridor - the range of experiencing space goes on.

The gist of the project was to rethink functions of existing space, to disappear a previous function, to breathe in a new one by adding or removing components. Thus, my journey in the long corridors and wide rooms of our school has begun. The site that caught my attention and provoked further thought was a niche (past door) situated in cafeteria. There were many people around chatting and eating, some of them alone and others in groups.


Chaotic noises, endless movement and action.. No space to breathe.. There an idea to my project came: to re-imagine niche from space for storing into space for contemplating. Space for meditation or just a moment of solitude, which I believe is extremely necessary nowadays. There Kant's essay "What is Enlightenment" has a different light shed on it. I realized that the so-called teenage hood state he mentioned has come to be real in all its horror. In the essay he argued that people tend to take less and less responsibility for their own lives letting others – officials, government - decide what is better for them and think on their part.

However, it might be that the reason why we less think on our own is partially because we don't simply have time to actually think in our busy lives of ordinary people.


The object I designed as a result of this research is a hand knitted cocoon-like structure. Slightly enormous, structured but chaotic; soft and light. It gives one a temporary shelter, a space for social disengagement, a place for contemplation. The material isolates sounds and creates a world of soft pleasant comfort to stand or sit and meditate.

 © Zhyldyz Kozhoiarova 2019

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